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Virgin Plus is providing residence web promo codes

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Virgin Plus is presently providing an honest web promotion that features a invoice credit score that lasts 12 months in the event you use sure promotion codes.

Here are the offers under:

  • 25mpbs/$45 per thirty days (use promo code ONTARIO15)
  • 50mbps/$45 per thirty days (use promo code ONTARIO25)
  • 100mbps/$55 per thirty days (use promo code ONTARIO25)

Each deal additionally options limitless month-to-month utilization with 10mbps add speeds (the codes are case delicate so don’t neglect to make use of capitals). This supply is out there for each new and current mobility members.

For comparability’s sake, Virgin Plus’ 25mpbs plan is repeatedly $60 per thirty days, and Fido’s 30mMbps deal is $60 per thirty days.

It’s value noting that Virgin Plus required a one-time $50 set up price.

Source: Virgin Plus 

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