Samsung predicts record-high Q3 income, doubtless due to chip gross sales

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Samsung Electronics has revealed its earnings predictions for the third quarter of this yr — and the numbers look excellent.

The South Korean firm says its income may probably hit KRW 73 trillion (roughly $76 billion CAD), with an working revenue of KRW 15.8 trillion (roughly $16 billion CAD).

If true, this could be Samsung’s highest-ever reported quarterly income.

Compared to final yr, Samsung’s Q3 2021 numbers are presently 28 p.c greater than they have been in Q3 2020. It’s value noting that the quarter that simply ended — Q2 — additionally exceeded Q3’s 2020 numbers by way of income.

While Samsung didn’t present an official purpose for the corporate’s monetary positive factors, an analyst talking to SamMobile instructed that the tech producer doubtless obtained a lift from “higher chip sales and semiconductor prices.”

Samsung will report its remaining numbers for Q3 on the finish of the month.

The firm talked about a couple of months in the past that it expects its smartphone gross sales to return to pre-pandemic ranges quickly, however points with the availability chain are inflicting delays.

Source: SamMobile

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