OnePlus 9RT leaks, probably not coming to Canada

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The newest OnePlus system is perhaps a successor to the OnePlus 9R that launched in India and China referred to as the OnePlus 9RT.

The 9R itself appeared like a minor refresh of the OnePlus 8T from 2019, however positioned right into a physique of a telephone that regarded extra in-line with OnePlus’ newest {hardware} design language. The leaked OnePlus 9RT appears very related, however reportedly options minor digicam enhancements that bump a few of its sensors as much as 50-megapixels.

I’m anticipating OnePlus to disclose this telephone on October thirteenth, however for the reason that first 9R by no means got here to Canada, this one probably additionally gained’t. With that in thoughts, for those who’re searching for a deal on a OnePlus telephone in Canada, the OnePlus 8T is right down to $679 proper now.

I’d anticipate North American OnePlus followers might want to wait till the spring to see a brand new OnePlus smartphone make its means right here given the OnePlus 9 and OnePlus 9 Pro launched again in March 2021.

Source: @evleaks

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