Canada on observe to get two EV battery cell factories

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Canada might get not one however two electrical car (EV) battery factories sooner or later if plans from corporations BritishVolt and StormVolt come to fruition.

Both say they’ll base their components in Quebec and have intensive company backing from current corporations.


BritishVolt is a comparatively new firm that dabbles in clear vitality and operates a 30GWh battery plant within the United Kingdom. The firm has already partnered with just a few companies in Montreal to carry a 60GWh manufacturing facility and extra to Canada.

In an interview with Electric Autonomy Canada, the corporate mentioned that it’s at present working with a small staff to seek out land and work on securing authorities funding for the large-scale endeavor.

Specifically, BritishVolt desires to construct an R&D centre, an anode and cathode processing plant and a 60GWh battery cell manufacturing space.


StormVolt is an Ontario-based startup with backing from the Taiwan electronics firm Delta Electronics. It additionally has ambitions to construct a battery cell plant in Quebec, hoping to scale it to 10GWh manufacturing.

This implies that the StormVolt manufacturing facility could be considerably smaller than BritishVolt’s. Still, the upstart Ontario firm hopes to serve smaller native EV producers like Nova bus and Lion Electric.

While StormVolt might not turn out to be probably the most vital participant within the EV battery area, two battery cell crops in Canada would go a good distance in the direction of serving to the nation produce EV batteries end-to-end.

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