Jabra’s mother or father firm GN Store Nord acquires SteelSeries

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GN Store Nord, Jabra’s mother or father firm, has introduced that it’s acquired the worldwide gaming peripheral-maker SteelSeries in a transfer to enter the gaming business.

The deal, which is estimated to be price $1.24 billion, is predicted to assist GN get to a “very strong position in the attractive upscale gaming gear market and expands its position in the premium audio market.”

SteelSeries and fellow GN subsidiary Jabra each have their audio product analysis. There needs to be some potential for sharing and boosting analysis and growth for each firm’s audio merchandise, which vary from funds Bluetooth headphones to high-end gaming headsets and extra.

“The fit is perfect as we both share a relentless drive for creating cutting-edge technology to delight our customers,” says Ehtisham Rabbani, CEO of SteelSeries. “We see great upside in leveraging each organization’s unique strengths to build an even more formidable, unified company.”

Both firm’s said that SteelSeries will proceed to be its personal id and “will continue to be run by the same leadership team and organization that’s driving it now.”

GN Store Nord’s SteelSeries’ acquisition is scheduled to shut “by the beginning of 2022,” topic to regulatory approvals.

Source: GN Store Nord

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