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TCL 20 Pro and 20S are each on sale at Quebec-based Vidéotron

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Quebec-based service, Vidéotron is providing a fairly candy deal for the TCL 20S and 20 Pro.

Starting at $8 per thirty days with choose 24-month plans, you may get the TCL 20S for as little as $200.

If you get the TLC 20S, you solely must pay $8 per thirty days for twenty-four months, plus plans to start out $30 (voice solely) per thirty days. Other plans are additionally obtainable that supply information. The TCL 20S is $10.75 off per thirty days.

If you purchase the TCL 20 Pro, you’ll have to spend $20.50 for twenty-four months. To get this deal you continue to must pay a minimum of $50 per thirty days for 10GB, however that in itself isn’t a foul plan, and if you happen to spend an additional $15 you may get 20GB per thirty days and qualify for Vidéotron’s extra 100GB per yr. The 20 Pro is $12.75 off per thirty days.

I reviewed the TCL 20 Pro earlier this yr and located it a great-looking smartphone with a formidable show and digicam.

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