Bird Three e-scooter is now being piloted at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa

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Bird Canada introduced the launch of an e-scooter pilot at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa to point out off the Bird Three e-scooter mannequin. Ottawa is the primary metropolis in Canada that may get the possibility to preview the brand new options, which is able to promote correct parking, curb sidewalk driving, and extra.

This expertise can be out there at Lansdowne till the top of the 2021 “scooting season,” in accordance with the press launch.

The new fashions will sport on-vehicle sensors that forestall sidewalk driving in real-time. The scooter will inform riders by way of an audible and visible “No-Ride Zone” warning despatched to their cell gadgets. It may even present up on the automobile when the consumer mounts a sidewalk.

Additionally, the e-scooter will decelerate and are available to a cease, so the rider can stroll off the e-scooter.

Another replace is an AI-Verified parking compliance characteristic. The AI will now ensure you’re correctly parked.

These new e-scooters may even make an audible noise at set intervals to alert pedestrians of approaching e-scooters.

Another new characteristic with the brand new mannequin is the ‘Beginner Mode,’ which is able to sluggish acceleration, restrict prime velocity and train customers the way to journey an e-scooter. There’s additionally a delicate acceleration characteristic that may let new riders progressively make their method as much as prime velocity.

Meanwhile, a security characteristic that may make riders go a check to unlock the e-scooter to keep away from drunk driving after 10pm.

You can even watch a video of the scooter right here.

Source: Bird Canada

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