Ikea and Asus ROG gamer collaboration is coming to Canada in October

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Ikea’s and Asus’ Republic of Gamers’ (ROG) collaboration is lastly coming to Canada.

The assortment of gaming furnishings initially launched completely in China and Japan again in February. The Ikea x ROG assortment consists of 30 merchandise throughout six completely different product classes together with ‘Huvudspelare,’ ‘Utespelare,’ ‘Matchspel,’ ‘Gruppsel,’ ‘Uppspel’ and ‘Lånespelare.’

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Each product household consists of gaming desks/chairs and is an effort to focus on a variety of budgets on Ikea’s half.

There’s even a cup holder that may clamp onto the facet of a desk in your gamer gas — as a result of that’s one thing everybody wants, for certain.

Source: Ikea Via: RedFlagDeals

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