Google Pixel pill patent noticed through the Japanese Patent Office

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A printed Google patent reveals that the Mountain View firm is engaged on a brand new Pixel pill, noticed by LetsGoDigital. Following that,  Giuseppe Spinelli, aka Snoreyn, made renders of the patent of Google.

The system has good rounded corners with a superb grip, in accordance with the patent. Additionally, the patent lacks buttons and a rear-facing digicam and likewise sports activities a selfie shooter.

There are additionally stereo audio system on the backside and the highest and a USB-C connection positioned on the backside.

The patent dates again to March 2019 and has been permitted and launched by the Japan Patent Office till June twenty eighth, 2019 (JPO).

It’s unclear if Google remains to be planning to launch this pill, and there aren’t any different rumours about it, so it’s unlikely they’ll unveil this system on the subsequent Made by Google occasion.

Source: LetsGoDigital,

Image Credit: LetsGoDigital 

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