Telus provides tech to Edmonton police’s on-line classifieds alternate zones

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When you’re deciding on a protected public location to satisfy up with that web stranger whose gently-used air fryer you obtain on Kijiji, your first thought in all probability isn’t a police station.

However, that’s precisely what Telus and the Edmonton Police Service (EPS) are encouraging folks to do, with the launch of three new “Buy and Sell Exchange Zones” for on-line classifieds meet-ups in Alberta’s capital metropolis.

Each “zone” consists of a pair of stalls, geared up with 24/7 surveillance cameras, set-up within the parking numerous 4 police stations throughout Edmonton in complete.

The idea isn’t a brand new one, with related zones arrange throughout Canada in cities together with Calgary, Halton, Peel, Saskatoon, Waterloo, and Winnipeg.

The distinctive bit, in accordance with the press launch, is that every one the expertise within the zones is offered by Telus, presumably from the telecom firm’s line of good house safety cameras.

While the cameras are all the time working, the EPS mentioned there’s nobody particularly tasked with monitoring the feed.

However, the police mentioned they are going to entry the footage if there’s an incident or investigation associated to an alternate — so hold that in thoughts should you resolve to make use of a zone.

In 2020, the EPS reportedly made “20 arrests, laid 59 charges, and recovered $44,000 worth of stolen property through online buy and sell sites,” along with receiving “276 reports of buy and sell scams with a total financial loss of $35,680.”

Edmonton’s 4 “Buy and Sell Exchange Zones” are situated on the following EPS stations:
14203 50 Street Northwest
104 Youville Drive East Northwest
1351 Windermere Way
16505 100 Avenue Northwest

Image credit score: Wikimedia Commons

Source: Telus

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