Telus Kits for Kids program donates 14,000 backpacks with faculty provides throughout Canada

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Telus’ annual Kits for Kids program is again once more this yr.

This yr, the service is donating 14,000 backpacks that every embrace a pencil case, colored pencils, pencils, pens, erasers, a versatile ruler, train books, loose-leaf papers and a Telus Wise insert with ideas and assets on hold youngsters protected on-line.

Since 2006, Telus has supplied 180,000 free backpacks to youngsters throughout the nation, in addition to practically a million care gadgets in native communities and 30,000 refurbished computer systems to native colleges.

“As families across the country begin a new school year, many find themselves struggling with the financial challenges this season presents, which are compounded by the ongoing pandemic,” mentioned Darren Entwistle, the president and CEO of Telus, in a press assertion.

In addition to the donations, Telus says greater than 5,000 retired and present staff take part as neighborhood ambassadors in 23 golf equipment throughout B.C, Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and Atlantic Canada.

Source: Telus

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