Your iPhone 13 Pro wants at the very least 256GB of storage for 4K ProRes recording

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One of the large new iPhone 13 Pro options Apple touted in the course of the occasion was recording video utilizing the ProRes video codec.

However, extra particulars concerning the functionality listed on Apple’s web site, as noticed by iPhone in Canada, present that the storage will restrict ProRes recording capabilities in your iPhone 13 Pro.

“ProRes video recording up to 4K at 30 fps (1080p at 30 fps for 128GB storage),” reads Apple’s ‘Tech Specs’ web page for the iPhone 13 Pro. Further, the wonderful print on the backside notes the characteristic will come “later this fall,” indicating that ProRes received’t even be obtainable on the iPhone 13 Pro at launch.

That means any iPhone buyer planning to get probably the most out of the digicam’s video capabilities will need to fork out an additional $250+ for the 256GB choice ($1,539 for the 256GB iPhone 13 Pro, $1,689 for the 256GB Pro Max).

It’s additionally price noting that the common iPhone 13 and 13 mini should not have ProRes recording help.

Apple describes ProRes as offering “an unparalleled combination of multistream, real-time editing performance, impressive image quality, and reduced storage rates.” You can study extra about it right here.

Of course, this solely issues if you happen to actually care about ProRes video. My guess is most individuals received’t. However, those that do will need to be certain they get an iPhone 13 Pro with at the very least 256GB of storage.

Source: Apple Via: iPhone in Canada

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