LG unveils TV that is available in at 335 inches and prices over $2 million CAD

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If you’re seeking to improve your property theatre setup on this COVID-19 world we now dwell in, LG’s received fairly the high-end possibility for you.

The South Korean tech big has revealed a brand new lineup of Direct View LED (DVLED) house cinema shows, and the most costly one is available in at $1.7 million USD (about $2.14 million CAD).

The purpose it’s received such an eye-watering price ticket is that it encompasses a 325-inch, 2,000-pound (about 907kg), 8K decision LED show. LEDs provide higher distinction ranges than OLEDs however are tougher to miniaturize and match throughout massive screens — therefore, the DVLED TV costing upwards of $2 million CAD.

Therefore, this clearly isn’t a possible possibility for most individuals.

However, as famous by CNET, the DVLED show is basically a alternative for a big, high-end projector — costlier, positive, however in the end higher performing. With that in thoughts, venues and different companies may make good use of it.


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