Apple’s new MagSafe Leather Wallet consists of assist for ‘Find My’

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Alongside the iPhone 13, Apple has revealed a number of new equipment for its flagship smartphone line, together with a refreshed line of instances and a brand new Leather Wallet with MagSafe accent that’s suitable with its ‘Find My’ app.

This implies that when you by accident lose the magnetic pockets attachment — which might occur given it’s solely caught to the again of the iPhone 12 or iPhone 13 — iOS’ Find My app will be capable of discover its location, similar to Apple’s Bluetooth monitoring AirTags accent.

However, the MagSafe Leather Wallet can solely notify customers about its final identified location following being separated from the iPhone somewhat than real-time monitoring. Strangely, the tremendous print of the accent notes that Find My performance doesn’t work with the Clear Case with MagSafe, indicating that the case seemingly blocks the reference to the iPhone.

Like most Apple equipment, the iPhone Leather Wallet with MagSafe is considerably costly at $79. Colours embrace ‘Golden Brown,’ ‘Dark Cherry,’ ‘Sequoia Green,’ ‘Midnight’ and ‘Wisteria.’

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