Apple’s new Apple Watch Fast Charging USB-C cable is now obtainable

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Apple’s new Magnetic Fast Charger to USB-C cable is now obtainable for $39 within the Apple Store.

When this new charger is used with the Apple Watch Series 7, Apple says that it expenses the smartwatch 33 % sooner than the Series 6, permitting it to succeed in 80 % in 45 minutes.

The firm additionally says that the charger is able to providing eight hours of sleep monitoring with 8 minutes of charging. The Series 7 comes with a Magnetic Fast Charger in its field.

Of course, this quick charging additionally requires an extra $25 20W USB-C energy adapter. It’s unclear if Apple plans to proceed to incorporate an influence brick alongside Apple Watch Series 7, although it’s value noting that it was nonetheless within the Series 6 regardless of the tech large first eradicating it from the iPhone 12’s field.

It’s presently unclear how the Magnetic Fast Charger impacts the charging time of older Apple Watches.

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