iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 launch on September 20

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Shortly after Apple’s iPhone 13 reveal occasion, the tech big confirmed that iPhone customers can count on the discharge of iOS 15 on September twentieth.

iOS 15 features a new ‘Focus Mode,’ a refreshed Safari design and a refined revamp to how notifications work. iPad customers may also obtain the identical updates with iPadOS 15, plus they will now transfer Widgets wherever on the Home Screen and entry fast notes with an Apple Pencil. iPad customers can now make the most of the App Library that debuted on the iPhone final 12 months with iPadOS 15.

However, options like SharePlay and the brand new ProRes Video file kind received’t be a part of the primary iOS 15 replace and can launch later. The firm dropped the ProRaw picture file kind final fall a couple of months after iOS 14’s preliminary launch.

It’s additionally value noting that watchOS 8 additionally releases on September twentieth.

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