Google Messages upcoming function routinely reminds customers about unread texts

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Google Messages is the primary Android app for messages and is routinely downloaded on most Android units.

A brand new APK Teardown by XDA Developers signifies that the favored app will quickly “nudge” customers if they’ve an unread textual content message. According to the report, the replace’s description reads “messages you might have forgotten to respond to.”

Additionally, messages that “nudge” the person are pushed to the highest of your conversations listing routinely.

In the teardown, XDA was capable of make “Nudges” seem within the settings and says that the function affords a few toggles, together with the next:

  • Suggest messages to answer to: Messages you may need forgotten to reply to will seem on the high of your inbox.
  • Suggest messages to observe up on: Messages you would possibly have to observe up on will seem on the high of your inbox.

The Messages app at present lets customers manually set reminders for various messages and threads. However, the ‘Nudges’ function will routinely remind customers, which is a little more helpful.

The performance isn’t obtainable within the Message beta but, however it is going to probably be making its manner there before later.

Source: XDA Developers 

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