Epic CEO says firm paid Apple $6 million as ordered

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Epic Games has paid Apple $6 million USD (roughly $7.6 million CAD) for violating the iPhone maker’s App Store tips.

The fee follows final week’s ruling within the Epic v. Apple lawsuit, which was largely a loss for Epic. Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers handed down the ruling on September tenth — it decided that Apple’s App Store was not a monopoly however that the corporate had engaged in some anti-competitive practices. Gonzalez Rogers dominated that Apple would wish to permit different types of in-app purchases.

Beyond that, Epic misplaced on each different depend. Moreover, the choose dominated Epic would wish to pay Apple 30 % of the $12.1 million USD it earned between August and October 2020 plus 30 % of any income earned between November 2020 and at this time.

As for why Epic was on the hook to pay Apple, all of it traces again to the start of the lawsuit. In August 2020, Epic added its personal fee technique to Fortnite. That led Apple in addition the sport off the App Store — nonetheless, those that already had it put in may nonetheless play (ultimately, an replace made the app unusable). During that point, the sport nonetheless made cash, and that’s why Epic was on the hook to pay Apple.

Epic, clearly, isn’t a fan of the ruling. The firm has already introduced plans to enchantment, and CEO Tim Sweeney beforehand tweeted that Fortnite will return to the App Store solely when it will possibly “offer in-app payment in fair competition with Apple in-app payment.” The tweet appears to disregard the truth that it’s as much as Apple when (and if) Fortnite can return to the App Store.

Sweeney additionally tweeted affirmation that Epic paid Apple the $6 million with a considerably cringey joke: the tweet included an image of the Apple Pay emblem.

Source: @TimSweeneyEpic Via: MacRumors

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