Apple’s often-rumoured VR headset may function 3,000ppi Micro OLED show

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Apple’s rumoured digital actuality/augmented actuality headset may embody a high-resolution micro OLED show with 3,000 pixels per inch (ppi), in response to South Korean publication The Elec.

If true, this may imply the headset options one of many highest show resolutions in a VR headset but. Previous rumours have hinted that Apple is engaged on two head-mounted gadgets, together with a pair of Apple augmented actuality glasses that appear to be common glasses and have built-in AR notifications and a extra conventional VR/AR headset.

The Elec’s report says that Apple has requested a pattern from APS Holdings, a South Korean firm that makes use of a course of known as Fine Metal Mask (FMM) to create next-gen OLED shows. Apple has reportedly requested for a pattern of APS’ laser patterning FMM display that incorporates a 3,000ppi.

“Pixel sizes in OLED panels used in smartphones and TVs range from 40 micrometers to 300 micrometers. Those in MicroOLED panel range from 4 micrometers to 20 micrometers. MicroOLED also has microseconds response time and is a likely candidate to be used for VR and augmented reality (AR) applications,” reads the Elec’s report

A earlier report from The Information indicated that Apple’s VR headset will function two 8K shows and a price ticket of roughly $3,000 USD (roughly $3,799 CAD).

Though leaks concerning the VR headset’s potential launch date are a bit all over, it’s possible we received’t catch a glimpse of the rumoured gadgets till not less than 2022.

Source: The Elec Via: MacRumors

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