Leaked pictures reveal new iPhone 13 case colors

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Despite the truth that Apple’s iPhone 13 occasion is only a day away, leaks relating to the tech large’s subsequent iPhone are nonetheless showing.

Following a hearsay that the most important storage choice for the iPhone 13 Pro/iPhone 13 Pro Max will likely be 1TB, we’ve caught a glimpse of very official-looking leaked instances for Apple’s upcoming smartphone line.

Shared on Twitter through an account known as @MajinBuOfficial, the photographs embody a screenshot and a photograph of a number of iPhone 13 instances. The color choices look similar to final yr’s official Apple iPhone 12 instances save for a number of new additions, together with a cool-looking orange choice.

The instances exhibit the identical somewhat massive sq. cutout featured within the iPhone 12 sequence and squared-off edges, which backs up rumours relating to the smartphone.

At the tech large’s September 14th occasion, Apple is predicted to disclose the iPhone 13 sequence, the Apple Watch Series 7 and new AirPods.

For extra element on what to anticipate from Apple’s subsequent {hardware} occasion, try my recap.

Source: @MajinBuOfficial Via: iMore 

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