Apple Watch Series 8 will reportedly function physique temperature sensors

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Even although the Apple Watch Series 7 hasn’t formally been revealed but, we’re already encountering rumours surrounding subsequent 12 months’s inevitable Series 8.

As first reported by 9to5Mac, dependable Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that Apple’s 2022 Apple Watch will function a number of new well being sensors, together with physique temperature measurement. Past rumours have additionally prompt that glucose monitoring may additionally lastly make its option to the Apple Watch with the Series 8.

Along with rumours surrounding the Series 8, Kuo says that well being options are coming to Apple’s AirPods in two years. However, it’s unclear what model of the AirPods will obtain the options. Earlier reviews have said that the following model of Apple’s AirPods Pro will embrace new movement sensors and built-in health monitoring.

It’s additionally doable that Apple may have plans to launch a fitness-focused model of its customary AirPods, although on condition that the Third-gen AirPods are rumoured to be revealed later this week, that’s unlikely.

Rumours additionally just lately appeared relating to Apple’s plans to extend the iPhone 13 Pro/Pro Max’s high storage tier to 1TB. For extra on Apple’s September 14th occasion, try my round-up of everything we anticipate to see throughout the stream.

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