Twitter testing new function that can make it simpler to determine bot accounts

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Twitter is testing out new labels on the platform that can show you how to determine if the Tweet you’re studying was posted by a human or a bot account.

According to the micro-blogging platform, “automated accounts you might see on Twitter include bots that help you find vaccine appointments and disaster early warning systems.” Having a label on such accounts provides different (human)customers a greater understanding of the bot’s goal.

Twitter states that the function has been rolled out to pick developer accounts, permitting them to use labels to point whether or not a tweet has been automated by a ‘good bot’ or not. The labels embrace a robotic head picture and the phrases ‘Automated by,’ or just ‘Automated.’

The new function comes after Twitter said final yr that high-quality bot accounts should self-identify as such. It said on the time that builders should clearly point out if an account is a bot and determine the individual working the account. “Automated labels help you identify good bots from spammy ones and are all about transparency,” reads Twitter’s FAQ about automated accounts.

The new label function will first be obtainable to about 500 developer accounts and increase to all developer accounts by the tip of 2021.

Twitter has been going exhausting with updates and take a look at experiments in the previous few weeks, together with the flexibility to cover outdated Tweets, emoji reactions for Twitter customers in Turkey, edge-to-edge media in your feed, themed dialogue teams referred to as ‘Communities,’ eradicating followers with out blocking them, a brand new Safety Mode and pay-to-view content material with new ‘Super Follows’ function.

Source: @TwitterSupport

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