Square Enix’s Forspoken set to launch in Spring 2022

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Square Enix has revealed a brand new trailer for Forspoken alongside affirmation that the sport will launch in spring 2022.

The new footage, which was unveiled throughout PlayStation Showcase 2021, presents extra perception into protagonist Frey Holland (Ella Balinska), a younger girl who was mysteriously whisked away from New York City to a magical land referred to as Athia.

Alongside a sentient bracelet named ‘Cuff,’ Frey should struggle to outlive utilizing mystical skills. In phrases of gameplay, the trailer exhibits Frey utilizing all types of magical powers whereas participating in a fluid and frenetic trying traversal system.

Check out the trailer under.

Forspoken will likely be unique to PlayStation 5 when it launches. The recreation is being developed by Luminous Productions, the crew behind Final Fantasy XV.

More info on the sport could be discovered on this weblog submit.

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