Some Google Pixel 3, 3 XL telephones are bricking with out warning

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Several Pixel 3 and three XL house owners report a problem that renders their telephones ineffective seemingly in a single day.

Posts on Google’s Issue Tracker webpage and help boards, in addition to on Reddit, describe telephones ‘bricking’ in a single day and turning into fully unresponsive with little or no warning. Several publications, together with Ars Technica and Engadget, have picked up the story, noting that affected Pixel 3 and three XL go right into a Qualcomm ‘Emergency Download mode’ (EDL).

The EDL mode seems to forestall entry to the bootloader, which suggests customers can’t try to recuperate their machine by putting in new firmware. So far, Google hasn’t supplied any type of resolution and, frustratingly for many Pixel 3 house owners, most gadgets are not coated by guarantee. That’s left a number of individuals with a alternative between forking out cash for an costly restore or getting a brand new telephone solely.

Ars speculated that the difficulty could also be hardware-related, doubtlessly just like the LG bootlooping problem. However, there isn’t sufficient proof but to definitively say by hook or by crook. It’s additionally not solely clear how widespread the difficulty is. It looks as if fairly just a few individuals have taken to the Pixel assist boards, Issue Tracker thread and Reddit to complain.

Regardless, waking as much as discover your telephone unresponsive is just not enjoyable, and it’s significantly dangerous information at this level. If your Pixel 3 dies now, you’re frustratingly near a number of new telephone launches however not shut sufficient to undergo and not using a telephone for a number of weeks.

Some individuals have held out hope that Google will provide some type of protection for this problem, much like how the corporate prolonged Pixel 4 XL warranties to cowl recognized points with these gadgets. Unfortunately, Google has made no signal that it plans to take action any time quickly.

Source: Google help, Issue Tracker, Reddit Via: Ars Technica, Engadget

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