Telus StoryHive is launching a brand new program providing grants to Black creators in B.C., Alberta

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Telus’ StoryHive is launching its inaugural Black Creators Edition program in partnership with the Black Screen Office (BSO). Through this partnership, grants of $20,000 can be supplied to twenty content material creators throughout B.C. and Alberta to empower the subsequent technology of Black creators.

StoryHive is a program that Telus funds to amplify tales and voices by way of custom-made funding, coaching, mentorship and distribution for creators in Western Canada.

“Celebrating and amplifying Canadian-created content that is locally reflective and relevant is at the core of Telus StoryHive’s mission,” stated Cameron Zinger, the director of Telus StoryHive, in a latest assertion. “We look forward to honouring, spotlighting and amplifying the voices, stories, and lived experiences of Black creators and their communities through this edition.”

Those who wish to take part can pitch a regionally reflective authentic thought for a brief documentary, internet pilot sequence, or digital brief to get a grant. Applications are open from September 1st to October sixth, 2021.

Additionally, these chosen will get customise profession coaching, filmmaker mentorship and distribution of their challenge on choose Telus platforms. However, you don’t want any earlier expertise in movie manufacturing to use.

A number of committee members from the Black group will look over all of the initiatives and choose which of them obtain funding. Telus says that the committee will contemplate a number of elements, “including but not limited to the submitted application, the impact of the award on the creator, and the importance of the story to the creator’s community of residence.”

To study extra and apply, click on right here.

Source: Telus

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