New rumours counsel Toyota might construct Apple’s often-rumoured automotive

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New rumours surrounding the mysterious Apple Car counsel that Toyota often is the automotive firm to fabricate it.

The leak states that Apple executives have met with the SK Group in South Korea and LG concerning a doable Apple Car collaboration, however that now the tech big is holding conferences with Toyota as nicely.

The Apple Car venture has been rumoured since 2014. While at one level it appeared just like the tech big was solely engaged on infotainment software program and self-driving know-how, more moderen rumours from January trace that Apple is on the verge of brokering an electrical automobile (EV) take care of Hyundai.

Other stories additionally declare Apple is working by itself battery tech that’s cheaper and extra highly effective than present EV batteries.

That mentioned, it’s unclear if any of those rumours are linked for the reason that scope and management of Apple’s EV venture has shifted a number of occasions over the previous few years.

Source: DigiTimes Via: MacRumors, Reuters 

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