Apple Watch Series 7 reportedly hits manufacturing snags, may endure delays

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Apple’s upcoming Watch Series 7 reportedly hit manufacturing snags that may seemingly result in cut back provide or cargo delays.

The report comes from Nikkei Asia and from Bloomberg’s dependable Mark Gurman and Debby Wu. Bloomberg notes that an individual acquainted with the state of affairs supplied the data, attributing the problem to a brand new design.

Rumours have advised the Apple Watch Series 7 would supply a barely bigger display, quicker processor and a new, boxy case much like the squared-off edges of the iPhone 12 line. However, these upgrades reportedly have precipitated manufacturing difficulties.

Another supply for the delays is the Apple Watch Series 7’s show, which makes use of a special lamination approach that brings the show nearer to the glass cowl

Nikkei echoes Bloomberg, noting that the complexity of the watch launched issues. Further, Nikkei says that producers started small-scale product final week, however didn’t get a passable output. Finally, COVID-19 disruptions have additionally contributed to manufacturing delays.

However, since Apple has not introduced the smartwatch but, the corporate nonetheless has flexibility. It can delay the announcement till manufacturing will get on observe, or persist with the unique announcement timeline however push again the provision date accordingly.

The Apple Watch Series 7 is only one of a number of merchandise Apple is anticipated to launch this fall. The firm may even seemingly unveil the iPhone 13 line, new iPads and extra throughout a number of September announcement occasions.

ionSource: Nikkei Asia, Bloomberg

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