Signal performs catch-up, begins testing ‘announcement groups’

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Signal will quickly get a ‘broadcast group’ characteristic, which lets customers create a gaggle chat expressly for bulletins and comparable updates.

Broadcast or announcement teams have been out there for some time in competing message providers like Telegram and WhatsApp, so it’s good to see Signal enjoying catch-up right here. These teams work by blocking members from sending messages until they’re an admin.

How apps go about broadcast/announcement teams differs fairly a bit. In Telegram, these teams block non-admins from speaking, but additionally permit members to affix dwell voice chats. WhatsApp doesn’t have an specific ‘broadcast group’ characteristic however does let customers disable the power for non-admin group chat members to ship messages, which achieves the identical purpose.

Android Police studies that Signal beta model 5.22 provides what it calls ‘announcement groups,’ which works similar to WhatsApp’s implementation. Users can create an everyday group chat, then go into ‘Permissions’ to show off messages from non-admin customers.

Since the characteristic is in beta, it could be a little bit bit earlier than you may really strive it, until you’re enrolled within the beta program. On that be aware, Android Police studies that the Signal 5.22 beta isn’t out there on the Play Store but, so even beta customers could have to attend a bit to check out announcement teams. Still, it shouldn’t be too lengthy earlier than the characteristic arrives for customers.

Source: Signal Via: Android Police

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