Several hints level to Samsung’s Android 12 beta coming quickly

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Samsung’s Android 12 beta could be coming earlier than later.

Spotted by TizenHelp, the corporate’s Hand Operation+ app changelog mentions Android 12 help with none extra notes.

Further, the weblog noticed a GeekBench check for a Galaxy S21 Ultra that lists Android 12 because the working system.

Another piece of proof, additionally noticed by TizenHelp, exhibits off software program construct numbers for the usual Galaxy S21. According to 9to5Google, the construct quantity ‘G991NKSU3ZUHE’ signifies that it’s an Android 12 construct (apparently as a result of it has a Z).  This construct quantity was noticed on the South Korean gadget variant.

It undoubtedly appears that Android 12 is coming quickly, however it shouldn’t matter a lot to us Canadians. The Android 12 and One UI 4.0 betas often are solely out there in U.S. and South Korea, till the official launch.

One UI 4.0 will launch alongside Android 12, which features a important OS redesign Google calls ‘Material You.’ With this in thoughts, it additionally is sensible that the One UI 4.0 would additionally supply a complete new look.

Source: 9to5Google, TizenHelp

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