Pokémon Go will hold some social distancing options without end

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Niantic, the developer behind Pokémon Go, has opted to reinstate a number of of its pandemic-era guidelines to assist make enjoying the cell recreation a bit of safer and simpler.

The most vital change permits trainers to face 80 metres away from Gyms and PokéStops as an alternative of 40 metres. When the sport first launched, the gap restrict was 40 metres, however amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the quantity was doubled to 80 metres to encourage social distancing.

Back initially of August, Niantic reversed the 80 metre change, resulting in backlash from gamers that had been used to the sport being barely simpler.

Other adjustments like ‘Incense’ working higher once you’re transferring and limiting the variety of presents your buddy Pokémon can provide you, are additionally sticking round.

Niantic says it additionally plans to revamp different components of the sport primarily based on a latest inside evaluation, however that these adjustments received’t be revealed till September 1st.

Source: Niantic

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