OnlyFans backtracks on incoming grownup content material ban

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Video and picture sharing web site OnlyFans has reversed course on a choice to ban sexually specific content material.

Last week, OnlyFans introduced it might ban sexually specific content material beginning October 1st, 2021, a transfer extensively criticized by creators and intercourse employees who argued they constructed OnlyFans’ platform with their specific content material. In a tweet on August twenty fifth, OnlyFans mentioned it wouldn’t transfer ahead with the ban after it “secured assurances necessary to support [its] diverse creator community.”

However, OnlyFans CEO Tim Stokely beforehand mentioned in an interview with the Financial Times that banking companions have been behind the ban. Stokely named JP Morgan Chase and Metro Bank as examples. The former was “aggressive in closing accounts of sex workers” in line with Stokely, whereas the latter had closed OnlyFans’ account in 2019.

It’s additionally value noting that OnlyFans has garnered a popularity carefully linked to pornography and intercourse work, a picture the corporate has beforehand tried to shake. Just this month, OnlyFans began pushing a brand new safe-for-work model of its app on iOS and Android in an effort to ditch the grownup content material popularity and place itself as a impartial platform in the identical vein as Patreon.

It’s no secret that sexual content material is a tough promote for traders. Other on-line platforms have banned grownup content material in efforts to be extra interesting to traders — Tumblr, for instance, permanently banned such content material in 2018 when Verizon tried to promote the platform to Automattic. A recent Axios report famous that OnlyFans was searching for traders however was having issue getting them on board on account of its grownup content material popularity. Further, Axios famous that OnlyFans didn’t point out porn in any respect in its pitch deck to traders.

Creators utilizing OnlyFans criticized the corporate for contemplating a ban, accusing it of betraying the intercourse employees who helped construct the platform in a brazen try to make more cash. Some customers really feel that OnlyFans backtracked on the content material ban solely after it decided it might make more cash with porn than with out.

Additionally, a number of creators already began eradicating specific content material that might violate the brand new coverage. Others started shifting subscriber bases to new platforms or misplaced subscribers altogether because of the ban announcement. Now, creators are confronted with selecting between staying with OnlyFans although the corporate tried to betray them, or looking for a competitor that’s extra pleasant to intercourse employees.

Source: OnlyFans Via: The Verge, Financial Times, Axios

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