Google Maps stealing Waze’s toll pricing characteristic

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Google Maps is getting higher, however it’s coming at the price of one of many few options that helps Waze stand out from the pack of navigation apps.

A brand new Android Police report says that in an replace, Google goes to begin displaying how a lot it’ll value to drive on a toll highway if it’s a part of your route. The report says {that a} be aware was despatched out to individuals inside the Google Maps Preview Program on Android.

It’s additionally unclear if this implies it’s going to point out you the bottom toll worth, common toll worth, or the precise worth for a way lengthy you’re on the toll highway. I’m hoping it’s the latter since that may make it quite a bit simpler to plan routes and know the way a lot they value.

Three years in the past, Waze began providing toll highway estimates, so I’d count on the brand new Google Maps characteristic goes to perform equally, provided that Google owns the mapping firm.

Source: Android Police

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