Xbox Canada reveals off plaid Xbox controller, begins contest to win one

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The Xbox Canada Twitter account is working a contest for the possibility to win one in every of 10 customized, restricted version ‘Buffalo Plaid’ Xbox Wireless Controllers.

The controller seems to be your normal Xbox controller wrapped in plaid. It additionally sports activities a giant ol’ maple leaf brand on the again as a result of, nicely, Canada.

Most importantly, the controller has suspenders. It’s not clear what the suspenders maintain up — definitely not pants — however some Twitter customers speculate the suspenders are key to accessing the battery pack.

To win one of many controllers, you simply must:

  1. Follow the Xbox Canada account on Twitter (@XboxCanada)
  2. Retweet the Xbox Canada tweet concerning the contest
  3. The retweet “must include the hashtag #sweepstakes and must be in the exact form as the original tweet”
  4. You have till August twenty sixth, 2021 at 11:59pm ET to enter, restrict one per individual

That’s actually all there may be to it. You can discover the O.G. tweet right here (or embedded above), and you could find the competition guidelines right here.

Xbox Canada will randomly draw winners on August twenty seventh round 1pm ET and can DM winners on Twitter inside seven days of the draw.

Image credit score: Xbox Canada

Source: Xbox Canada

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