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Public Mobile flash sale providing 2GB recurring information bonus on $35+ plans

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Telus flanker model Public Mobile is operating a flash sale providing a bonus 2GB of knowledge whenever you activate a $35/month plan or larger.

The provide began on August nineteenth and runs till August twentieth at 11:59pm ET. During that point, new prospects who activate a $35+ plan and use promo code 2GBBONUS will get an additional 2GB of month-to-month information. The bonus information is recurring however will expire if an account turns into inactive or the speed plan adjustments.

Additionally, Public warns that it might take as much as two enterprise days for the bonus information to be utilized. The promotion isn’t stackable with different in-market provides.

It’s additionally value noting that Public says customers should submit their e-mail by means of this manner to obtain their promo code. Further, to activate a plan, you do want a Public SIM card. You can buy one by means of Public’s web site, or on Amazon (the net retailer presently has Public SIMs on sale for $6.95, down from $10).

Then, go to Public’s activation portal and observe the steps to activate your SIM and declare the 2GB bonus.

You can view the total particulars right here.

Source: Public Mobile

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