Apple to reportedly maintain a number of product launch occasions in September

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Shifting from its standard product reveal technique, a brand new report from DigiTimes signifies that Apple may have plans to carry a number of occasions this September to launch a slew of recent merchandise.

As first noticed by MacRumors, the report states that Apple will launch its 2021 iPhone lineup, Apple Watch Series 7, Third-gen AirPods, iPad mini, a brand new base iPad and the often-rumoured 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pro refresh this September.

Apple adopted an identical product reveal technique final yr amid the peak of the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. First, the tech large introduced the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, 8th-generation iPad and iPad Air on September fifteenth. The iPhone 12 collection and HomePod mini had been then revealed the next month on November tenth.

It’s necessary to notice that DigiTimes has a lower than stellar report with regards to the accuracy of its leaks. However, with so many rumoured new units on the horizon, I wouldn’t be stunned to see Apple maintain a number of smaller pre-recorded keynotes.

That mentioned, Bloomberg’s often-reliable Mark Gurman reported in mid-August that Apple plans to carry a number of occasions this fall, although his sources point out a multi-event reveal technique unfold over the autumn.

Source: DigiTimes Via: MacRumors

Apple is likely to be gearing as much as have considered one of its most fun falls on report with new MacBooks, iPads, iPhones, AirPods and extra slated to be revealed.

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