Twitter rolls out new emoji for the Canadian election

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Twitter rolled out new emojis for the forty fourth Canadian election and highlighted a few of its efforts to guard election integrity.

In a weblog put up, Twitter mentioned it labored with Elections Canada to launch a customized Twitter emoji for the election. During the marketing campaign, individuals who use choose hashtags on Twitter will see the emoji seem alongside the hashtag textual content. Supported hashtags embrace:

  • #elxn44
  • #cdnpoli
  • #polcan
  • #ItsOurVote
  • #CestNotreVote

Additionally, Twitter mentioned that via the primary half of 2021, ‘#cdnpoli’ was probably the most tweeted made-in-Canada hashtag. Further, solely #COVID19 had extra Canadian mentions amongst all hashtags in 2021.

Twitter additionally took a while to focus on the official accounts of varied get together leaders and what number of followers that they had. Twitter says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s account gained over one million followers since September 2019, leaping from 4.5 to five.6 million. Additionally, Trudeau is the all-time most adopted Canadian politician on Twitter.

New Democratic Party (NDP) chief Jagmeet Singh has 483.6K followers whereas Conservative chief Erin O’Toole sits at 135.2K.

Twitter additionally linked to the accounts of Bloc Québécois chief Yves-François Blanchet, Green Part chief Annamie Paul and People’s Party chief Maxime Bernier.

As for election integrity efforts, Twitter says its Civic Integrity Policy targets dangerous sorts of content material that influence civic occasions around the globe. In Canada, the census was the newest civic occasion to happen below the Twitter coverage. The social media firm says its coverage resulted in a 90 p.c optimistic/impartial sentiment inside tweets, whereas most damaging/impartial sentiment was pushed by Canadians who wished the long-form survey over the brief kind.

Twitter says its partnership with Elections Canada and the Commissioner of Canada Elections helps inform the platform’s method to safeguarding conversations. Additionally, Twitter’s coverage crew continues to work with over a dozen federal authorities organizations in Canada, together with not-for-profit organizations, to assist hold the dialog secure and wholesome.

Finally, Twitter mentioned that it’ll hold rolling out updates as quick as it could possibly throughout the election. It directed customers to comply with the Twitter Canada account for the most recent info.

Canadians head to the polls on September twentieth, 2021.

Source: Twitter

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