Samsung begins providing door-to-door restore companies in Canada

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Samsung is bringing its “Your Service” restore portal to Galaxy customers to Canada.

“Your Service” is Samsung’s on-line portal for increasing the service and help choices of its fast door-to-door and walk-in restore companies.

According to Samsung, the Your Service portal is a great answer designed to supply Canadians with extra choices and suppleness for his or her customer support necessities.

“The COVID-19 pandemic necessitated a shift away from in-person services, and while initially a temporary change, positive elements of the ‘new normal’ such as added convenience and efficiency can continue to benefit our customers,” stated Frank Martino, vice chairman of company service at Samsung Canada, in a press assertion.

“Whether it’s scheduling a door-to-door repair, requesting technical support from an expert, or tracking the status of a device in transit – we’re working to ensure that our customers across Canada can enjoy a seamless customer care experience.”

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Samsung Galaxy smartphone and pill homeowners can now use the Your Service on-line self-service portal. Additionally, wearable and laptop computer gadgets are supported for Door-to-Door restore, which could be scheduled through Live Chat or by calling Samsung.

Further, customers can go to to schedule a tool pickup proper from their door. Before being delivered again to you, the system might be examined and stuck by a certified Samsung Canada technician, together with being sanitized for decreased threat of illness transmission.

This service is accessible to each in-warranty and out-of-warranty Galaxy system customers. You can go to to register a Galaxy smartphone or pill or study extra about obtainable companies.

It’s price noting that out-of-warranty gadgets will incur a retail restore value. Learn extra in regards to the service right here.

Image credit score: Samsung

Source: Samsung

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