Grand Mountain Adventure is essentially the most satisfying cellular recreation I’ve performed shortly

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Finding cellular video games that scratch a actual gaming itch can generally be a wrestle, however this easy snowboarding simulation title attracts me in for hours at a time.

If you’ve performed console or PC titles like Lonely Mountain Downhill, Grand Mountain Adventure ought to really feel fairly acquainted.

Players are tasked with merely shredding down a slope whereas ensuring that they’re carving by means of the terrain successfully with out hitting something. You may even pull off easy tips in the event you hit a bounce.

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Beyond that, Grand Mountain Adventure is ready in a semi-open-world, so you may as well spend time simply exploring the mountain and snowboarding or snowboarding for enjoyable if you wish to. This is the place I get essentially the most enjoyment after I play. I like simply roaming round and making an attempt to board naturally. For instance, pulling off a superbly arched carve feels nice.

Grand Mountain Adventure is free to obtain, however you’ll have to pay $6.99 for all of its a number of mountains. This is slightly steep, however the recreation feels very polished for a cellular title and I feel the fee is worth it.

Other perks embrace an area multiplayer mode, and in the event you’re a PC gamer, it’s best to be capable to discover the sport on Steam sooner or later throughout winter 2021/22.

Grand Mountain Adventure is offered on iOS and Android at no cost.

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Written by Gideon


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