Some customers report 4K Crave content material exhibiting up on Apple TV 4K

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Bell’s Crave streaming platform in some way nonetheless doesn’t provide a 4K viewing choice, regardless of saying it was coming within the “near future” all the way in which again in 2018.

Well, the corporate reportedly made some progress on 4K help, with some customers reporting that an ‘Available In 4K’ part appeared on their Apple TV 4K gadget.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Bell for affirmation of the function and can replace this piece with the corporate’s response. Additionally, MobileSyrup hasn’t been in a position to corroborate studies thus far, however will replace this publish if we discover proof of 4K help within the Crave Apple TV app.

Although Bell indicated 4K was coming to Crave again in 2018, it’s essential to notice that the service solely obtained 1080p streaming help on choose platforms in 2019. That contains iOS, Android and Xbox One. In 2020, it additionally obtained 5.1 encompass sound help.

As an additional indication of how far behind Crave is in comparison with competing companies, shortly after the pandemic hit final yr and corporations began lowering stream high quality to save lots of bandwidth, studies steered Crave would do the identical. However, the studies particularly stated Crave’s 4K streams would drop to 720p, although Crave didn’t provide 4K on any platform.

Hopefully the rumoured 4K choice on Apple TV is a sign that Crave will quickly help 4K streams.

Via: iPhoneInCanada

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