Nintendo units subsequent Indie World Showcase for August 11

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Nintendo will host its subsequent Indie World Showcase on Wednesday, August eleventh.

Kicking off at 9am PT/12pm ET, the present will run for about 20 minutes and spotlight plenty of indie video games which are coming to Nintendo Switch. You’ll be capable of tune in right here.

It’s at present unclear what may be proven off in the course of the present, however many followers have been hoping for, on the very least, an replace on Silksong, Team Cherry’s sequel to its 2017 acclaimed Metroidvania recreation Hollow Knight. The final Indie World Showcase was in April, so there are various new video games that would probably be proven.

This can also be Nintendo’s first showcase on the whole since its main E3 2021 Direct in June. It stays to be seen when the following one can be.

The Indie World Showcase is the second main indie-focused present this week, following the ID@Xbox Twitch occasion on August tenth.

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