Spotify as soon as once more says it’s engaged on AirPlay 2 assist

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Have you been confused by all of the headlines concerning AirPlay 2 assist and Spotify? Well, so was I, however after some digging, I can clarify the entire mixup.

To begin, in my expertise, the AirPlay multi-room audio characteristic has labored effectively, however apparently, some HomePod customers nonetheless expertise lag when utilizing it. That’s led to a contingent of individuals in a Spotify discussion board thread asking for assist for extra trendy AirPlay 2 codecs within the app.

From there, Spotify responded and stated that it’s not engaged on AirPlay 2 assist. After a number of days of outcry, the streaming big reversed this place and says it’s engaged on the characteristic once more.

As far as I can collect, it will lead to Spotify’s iOS apps having the ability to higher stream HQ music, notably for HomePod customers. That stated, we nonetheless don’t know when it will occur.

Source: Engadget, Spotify Community

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