Amazon’s new comedy collection, ‘The Lake,’ begins manufacturing in Ontario’s Cottage nation

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Amazon Prime Video is producing a brand new comedy collection set in cottage nation in northern Ontario referred to as The Lake.

According to Amazon, the manufacturing has begun, and taking pictures is ready to happen in northern Ontario from August to September, with the collection’ lead expertise being the Canadian actor Jordan Gavaris (Orphan Black) and the American actress Julia Stiles (Hustlers). U.S.-based Madison Shamoun and Canadian comic Jon Dore are additionally a part of the forged.

The collection will premiere in 2022 and might be solely obtainable on Prime Video in over 240 international locations and territories globally.

The collection follows Justin (Gavaris), who returns from dwelling overseas after a breakup together with his long-term associate within the hopes of reconnecting together with his organic daughter (performed by Madison Shamoun), whom he gave up for adoption when he was in his teenagers.

Upon returning, Justin discovers that his father left the household cottage to his “picture-perfect” stepsister, Maisy-May (performed by Julia Stiles).

“It’s a show that will push boundaries and celebrate broken characters trying to hold it all together against one of the most picturesque settings — cottage country,” says Christina Wayne, head of Canadian Originals at Amazon studios. “We are thrilled to bring together this incredible cast and creative team for our first scripted Canadian comedy series.”

The collection is produced by Amaze, a Toronto and Los Angeles-based manufacturing firm, with Julian Doucet serving as author and government producer.

Since 2015, Amazon Studios has filmed 24 Amazon Original collection and movies in Canada, together with elements of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan and The Voyeurs in Montreal, The Man within the High Castle and Upload in Vancouver, Tales from the Loop in Winnipeg, The Boys and The Expanse in Toronto.

The Lake will premiere in 2022 and might be solely obtainable on Prime Video in over 240 international locations and territories globally.

Source: Amazon

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