Google could quickly provide a Google One and Play Pass bundle with low cost

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Google’s ‘One’ subscription service for cloud storage throughout the search big’s product portfolio could quickly let clients bundle it with the Play Pass recreation subscription.

According to 9to5Google, which did a teardown of Google One model 1.109, Google appears to be engaged on a function that may let Google One subscribers add Play Pass to their account at a reduced charge.

For these unfamiliar with app teardowns (additionally referred to as APK teardowns), they contain decompiling an APK file from the Play Store and searching by means of the code for hints about upcoming options. New strains of code, modified code and different issues discovered within the APK file can point out future options coming to the app. Naturally, since most of what’s present in a teardown is work-in-progress, it’s price maintaining in thoughts that discoveries could change considerably earlier than launching, in the event that they launch in any respect.

In this case, 9to5 uncovered a number of code strings associated to including Play Pass to Google One, together with one which stated “Bundle Google One & Play Pass and save %.” Unfortunately, it doesn’t record an actual low cost.

Further, 9to5 discovered proof that there can be a free trial for the bundle, which is able to routinely renew as a month-to-month subscription after. There was additionally a code snippet that famous the provide will expire after one yr, which is quite lame.

The default bundle customers the 100GB Google One plan, which prices $3.15 per thirty days or $27.99 per yr. However, 9to5 noticed code that signifies customers would be capable to choose the 200GB or 2TB plans as a substitute. The bundle will value extra with these plans, however there’s nonetheless a reduction.

Finally, it seems just like the bundled Play Pass can be shareable with relations, similar to with the Google One storage.

There are, nonetheless, just a few caveats with all this. First, the knowledge got here from a teardown, so I’d take it with a grain of salt — issues can undoubtedly change, and certain will change, earlier than the function launches. Second, it stays unclear if the bundle will come to Canada. I believe it ought to, provided that each Google One and Play Pass can be found in Canada, however it’s attainable Google will launch the bundle within the U.S. first. It’s additionally price noting a latest teardown advised Google would possibly begin providing free One trials in Photos, however that hasn’t occurred but.

As talked about up prime, Google One begins at $3.15 per thirty days or $27.99 per yr for 100GB in Canada. Play Pass begins at $5.99 per thirty days or $34.99 per yr and lets folks play video games within the catalogue with out adverts or in-app purchases.

Source: 9to5Google

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