Xbox to carry second indie video games showcase on Twitch on August 10

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Xbox will maintain its second-ever ID@Xbox Twitch Gaming showcase on Tuesday, August tenth at 9am PT/12pm ET.

Just like the inaugural occasion in March, the August tenth present will highlight quite a lot of indie video games which might be coming to Xbox consoles. This will air completely on Twitch.

The Xbox Wire weblog publish particularly mentions that we’ll hear from the builders of The Artful Escape, Ollie Ollie World, Library of Ruina, and RPG Time, whereas the header picture showcases Toronto-made The Big Con and Aragami 2 on prime of Ollie Ollie World.

Xbox additionally guarantees “some Xbox Game Pass news and announcements.” More than a dozen video games have been confirmed for Game Pass on the first showcase, together with Toronto-made Nobody Saves the World!, Canadian-led Moonglow Bay and Vancouver-made Backbone.

It’s additionally value noting that beloved 2020 indie sport Hades is coming to Game Pass on August thirteenth, whereas the extremely anticipated indie 12 Minutes lands on the service on August nineteenth.

Image credit score: Skybound/Mighty Yell

Source: Xbox

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