Sportsnet to revamp SN Now streaming service, enhance stream high quality

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Rogers has introduced plans to revamp its Sportsnet Now (SN Now) sports activities streaming platform to supply higher-quality streams and extra.

Sportsnet partnered with Deltatre and Firstlight Media, that are two over-the-top (OTT) expertise suppliers, to assist reimagine and relaunch SN Now. With their assist, Sportsnet will redesign SN Now with a collection of built-in, next-gen OTT options and a refreshed consumer interface. It’s unclear if 4K content material is ready to be included within the upcoming redesign.

Additionally, the brand new SN Now will run on the Firstlight Media platform and Microsoft Azure will energy the service. Sportsnet says it plans to phase-in enhancements like improved stream high quality and reliability, personalised content material choices, superior stats overlays and extra.

Specifically, Firstlight’s platform gives a “sophisticated, cloud-native technology stack that powers an end-to-end platform.” In different phrases, the platform will help enhance efficiency, flexibility, agility and scale. Deltatre, however, is a number one sports activities and leisure expertise supplier. It makes a speciality of “fan-first video and digital experiences” and may assist with integrating reside and on-demand video content material throughout large-scale OTT programs.

“Sportsnet was the first mainstream sports brand in North America to launch a direct-to-consumer streaming service, offering our premium content and the most innovative distribution right from the start. Our new partnerships with Deltatre and Firstlight Media will help make Canada’s best sports streaming product even better,” mentioned Sportsnet president Bart Yabsley.

Sportsnet plans to unveil the primary section of the all-new SN Now service within the fall.

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