Mario Golf: Super Rush replace provides New Donk City, Toadette and ranked matches

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Despite solely releasing a couple of weeks in the past, Nintendo has already dropped a free replace for Mario Golf: Super Rush for the Switch.

The new content material pack features a new course primarily based on the town from Super Mario Odyssey, New Donk City, Toadette as a brand new playable character and ranked matches.

Based on screenshots Nintendo has launched concerning the replace, it seems to be like there shall be totally different ranks associated to ‘Standard’ and ‘Speed Golf,’ in addition to whether or not you’re utilizing button or movement controls. The replace is about to be obtainable later in the present day, August fifth.

As far as golf video games — particularly Mario Golf titles — go, Super Rush is likely one of the greatest launched in the previous couple of years. There’s a misleading stage of depth to Camelot’s newest {golfing} epic, and it’s nice to see an replace for the sport already being launched.

Nintendo says that extra updates are coming to Mario Golf: Super Rush “later this year.”

For extra on Super Rush, try what Canadian professional golfer Mike Weir has to say concerning the sport.

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