Staples Wireless is the retailer’s new smartphone endeavour

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Wireless companies at the moment are out there at 15 Staples Canada areas throughout southern Ontario.

Staples Wireless is collaborating with respected cell carriers to supply clients with contract fee plans tailor-made to their particular wants and designed to maintain them related.

Customers can get the most recent gadgets, equipment and service plans from trusted manufacturers equivalent to Rogers, Telus, Fido, Koodo, Chatr Mobile, and Public Mobile, by way of Staples Wireless.

“With the addition of Staples Wireless, our stores are truly a one-stop destination for all back to school and back to business needs,” mentioned David Boone, the CEO of Staples Canada in its launch press launch. “With the launch of Staples Wireless, our aim is to deliver mobile solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of our customers to help them save on services and get the most of out their wireless plans.”

Wireless kiosks can be situated inside the next Staples Canada areas:

Customers can schedule a digital or in-store session with a Staples Wireless consultant by visiting

Additionally, as an introductory promotion, you will get a $100 Staples reward card and 1,000 Air Miles bonus miles with every in-store activation.

Businesses can even reap the benefits of the promotion. With every in-store activation, companies can get a $200 Staples reward card together with 2,000 Air Miles bonus miles.

It’s price noting that the promotion is barely legitimate on activations finished earlier than August tenth on a two-year contract.

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