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Roku’s upcoming summer season streaming sale takes $40 off the Roku Streambar

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Roku has confirmed that it’s going to provide a handful of offers on its units beginning this month.

From August eighth to August twentieth, you may get the Roku Express 4K for $5 off. Currently, the Roku Express 4K prices $49.99 however through the talked about dates, it’s going to price $44.99.

During the identical dates, Roku may even slash the worth of its Streambar by $40 to $149.99.

The second set of offers will run from September 1st to tenth and can see the Roku Express, which frequently sells for $39.99, drop to $34.99. Additionally, the Roku Express 4K and the Streambar shall be once more be discounted to $44.99 and $149.99, respectively.

The third set of offers will go dwell on September fifteenth and can low cost the Roku Streaming Stick+ by $10, taking the worth right down to $59.99 from the unique $69.99. The Roku Streaming Stick+ sale will finish on September twenty fourth.

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