Electric conversion of Toronto’s Marilyn Bell I ferry in remaining part

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The Toronto Port Authority-owned Marilyn Bell I ferry has been transported away from the Billy Bishop Airport to the Toronto DryDock facility, the place it’ll bear the ultimate stage of its conversion to electrical energy.

The 200-passenger ferry is anticipated to return to operation later in 2021 as Canada’s first 100% electrical lithium-ion-powered servicing ferry. The completion of the Marilyn Bell I’s conversion will probably be a major step ahead in PortsToronto’s environmental initiative.

“The new propulsion system for the Marilyn Bell I will be entirely powered by battery and fueled by 100 percent  Bullfrog Power renewable electricity, enabling the electric ferry to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the airport’s ferry operation,” reads PortsToronto’s community discover.

The new and improved ferry won’t solely be higher for the surroundings, however it should even be extra nice in your ears. The conversion to lithium-ion operation will enable the Marilyn Bell I to function way more quietly, considerably decreasing noise within the surrounding group, following the airport’s Noise Management Program.

It’s price noting that the Marilyn Bell I isn’t the one ferry that operates the 400-foot-wide Western Gap on lake Ontario. The backup ferry is named David Hornell, and it’ll proceed to ferry folks throughout to the Billy Bishop airport whereas the Marilyn Bell I is absent.

Image credit score: @BBishopAirport

Source: PortsToronto

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