Apple is bringing digital pupil ID playing cards to iPhone and Apple Watch in Canada

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Apple has revealed plans to increase digital pupil ID playing cards to the iPhone and Apple Watch in Canada.

Digital pupil ID playing cards have been obtainable within the U.S. for a while, however are solely making their solution to choose universities in Canada now.

Apple says college students will be capable to retailer ID playing cards within the iPhone or Apple Watch’s pockets app. So far, solely the University of New Brunswick and Sheridan College will help the characteristic. More post-secondary establishments will doubtless be added to this listing within the coming months.

“We’re excited to work with more schools in the US and introduce mobile student IDs in Canada to provide a secure and convenient way to get around campus with iPhone and Apple Watch,” stated Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s vp of Apple Pay, in a latest press launch. “Students and faculty have embraced using their iPhone and Apple Watch as the best way to access buildings, purchase meals, and more.”
In the U.S., Apple says the University of Alabama would be the first college within the U.S. to completely provide cell IDs to its college students.
Given Apple is infamous for conserving the iPhone and Apple Watch’s NFC options locked down, it’s nice to see the know-how lastly being opened up just a little extra, particularly in Canada given we frequently get performance — like Apple Pay, for instance — years after its launch within the United States.
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